Vision, values and objectives

Vision, values and objectives


APFHRM desires to uplift the human resource management professional within the Asia Pacific Region. By improving the quality of professional people management within the region, it seeks to empower human resource management professionals in leading business effectively. Through its member countries, APFHRM hopes to contribute to nation-building. With its sphere of influence in the Asia Pacific Region, the Federation hopes to make a big difference in the lives of people.


The following are the values that are most important to the federation:

Professional Responsibility and Accountability

The federation adheres to the highest standards of professional behaviour. We follow the law at all times. We advance the HR profession by engaging in value-adding, meaningful and responsible activities. We are accountable for all our actions as we carry with us the names of the Federation, our respective corporate organisations, and HR institutes.


We strive to be effective role models in the federation. We will champion the development of other people through teaching, mentoring and setting a good example. We will inspire other people to be committed to whatever tasks and undertakings they have for the growth and success of the Federation.

Fairness and consistency

We treat all employees fairly regardless of race, sex, status, creed, religion, etc. All our actions are governed by what is fair and just to all concerned. We will support decisions which are fair, legal, moral, just and consistent even if it would mean sacrificing our personal interests.

Handling information

We try to maintain open lines of communication with all members of the Federation and in the process, build trust among them by not only maximising the open exchange of information but also eliminating concerns in the handling of information. We will keep in confidence classified information at all times. We will take all appropriate steps that will ensure that all information we provide to others are complete, accurate and appropriate.

Professional development

We are cognizant of the need to further develop ourselves. We need to enhance our competencies so that others will benefit from the knowledge, skills and attitudes that we share with them. We commit to our own continuous learning and knowledge, skills and attitudinal development.

Network of APFHRM Communities of Practices

We strive to achieve core values by creating a network of communities of practices in the federation. We will encourage national HR associations to identify, research and report on invaluable lessons and stories of human capital management practices, that will impact personal, organisational and business effectiveness through the creation of values by different groups of human capitals.


  1. To serve as the umbrella organisation of all human resources institutes within the Asia Pacific Region.
  2. To improve the quality and effectiveness of professional human resource management in the region.
  3. To encourage and support human resource managers in creating and developing their own associations in Asia Pacific countries where they do not yet exist.
  4. To provide guidance and assistance to all member countries especially with regards to their programs that will uplift the human resource management profession.

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